[Roy Lichtenstein, multiple visions]

BAM, Mons, 28 january 2021

prologue ~ BAM, Mons

  • the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Mons

  • arty-farty.fun's opinion: as their website says: a museum to be (re)discovered. director Xavier Roland and his team succeeded to design a museum which can host exhibitions on an international scale.

act 1
Roy Lichtenstein ~ multiple visions

  • Roy Lichtenstein is a big name in 20th-century art. from the early days of pop art to the present day, his instantly recognisable art has attracted and influenced generations of creative talent, from painting to advertising, photography, design and fashion. the artist's fascination with the "printed form", or mechanical reproducibility as a source of inspiration, forms the basis of his work, in which the copy becomes the original. the exhibition presents his works and this fascination in a reverse process: from an original idea to a multiplied copy.

  • the exhibition presents the evolution of his work starting in the 1950s, to give an overview of the striking themes he explores: from the early pieces with pre-Pop inspiration to comic books, advertising, still life, landscapes, his study of abstraction and Native American motifs, his assimilation of the great masters of modern art, two-dimensional interiors, inspiration from Asian landscapes and the female form.

  • arty-farty.fun's opinion: the exhibition makes you understand why Roy Lichtenstein is thé American Pop Art master. a must for students, artists and art lovers . his craftmanship in his execution into perfection makes you appreciate the pre-computer era.

epilogue ~ Chez Tonton Frit, Mons

  • arty-farty.fun's opinion: probably the best french fries in Mons, but Murphy’s law did it again: closed :-(