[ Louvain city ]

2 july 2020

tripping on art @Louvain, Belgium

The Gothic-The Middle Age as inspiration for Rodin-Minne-Meunier

tripping on art in Louvain ~ act1 ~ travel

  • arriving in a Neo Classic NMBS SNCB railway station

  • arty-farty.fun's opinion: ****
    Starting our journey with NMBS to the centre of Leuven in no time for a comfier journey, no car parking hustle.

tripping on art in Louvain ~ act2 ~
strolling through the streets, enchanted by historical buildings and statues

  • protected against the corona -Covid 19 with the GoBroCorona Stick

  • arty-farty.fun's opinion: ****
    corona Good Feel News : the launch of the GoBroCorona @ stick
    protected by the #Anti Corona Political Correct Social Distance Measuring Stick @ based on the Bogardus social distance scale

tripping on art in Louvain ~ act3 ~ the Rodin, Meunier & Minne exhibition @ MuseumM

  • the sculptors Auguste Rodin, Constantin Meunier and George Minne were the pioneers of a genuine sculptural revolution: lay the foundations of modern sculpture. paradoxically enough, this revolution was inspired by the past, and specifically the Middle Ages. at the end of the nineteenth century, artists began to reject classical, academic art and sculpture, which had been the norm for a century.

  • the medieval period was a major source of inspiration in this development. the three artists rediscovered the artistic heritage of that period and integrated it into their new vision of sculpture.

  • arty-farty.fun's opinion: *****
    great exhibition to get a better understanding of how everything is connected

tripping on art in Louvain ~ entracte ~
enjoying a festive lunch @ De Klimop

  • situated at the Martelarenplein, opposite of the NMBS station

  • Dutch chef makes handmade Belgian French fries

  • go www.deklimopleuven.be

  • arty-farty's opinion: *****
    enjoy a great lunch in a great place with very friendly staff to prepare a great afternoon start

tripping on art in Louvain ~ act4 ~ St. Peter's Church, Leuven

  • arty-farty.fun's opinion: *****
    amazed to see the St Peter's Church fully restored.

tripping on art in Louvain ~ act5 ~ Louvain Town Hall

  • the City Hall of Louvain is a landmark building on the city's Grote Markt square, across from the monumental St. Peter's Church. built in a Brabantine Late Gothic style between 1448 and 1469, it is famous for its ornate architecture, crafted in lace-like detail.

  • arty-farty.fun's opinion: *****
    must see place. you will be impressed

tripping on art in Louvain ~ final act ~ a magnificent Stella in the Gambrinus

  • the establishment has a typical 19th-century Neo-Renaissance interior with oak paneling, mirror, bar and glass cabinet, leather sofas and seventeen beautifully painted scenes against the walls, commissioned by then-owner F.-G. Emmel were performed by the Painter E. Meyer and depict the history of beer. Located on the corner of Grote Markt. the building and café interior ensemble has remained unchanged since its inception in the early 1930s.

  • arty-farty.fun's opinion: *****
    a classic , enjoy dreaming in the style of La Belle Epoque, with a Stella from Leuven, served in pure perfection