[ a day at the Atomium ]

Brussels, 25 march 2021

ID#2021 - Symbol


With the temporary exhibition ID#2021 - Symbol, the Atomium, an architectural feat of Belgian heritage, becomes a symbol of digital creation. The poetic visual and acoustic journey proposed by Visual System invites the visitor to a hypnotic experience that sweeps away the apparent antinomy between this metal building from Expo 58, emblem of progress and science, and an inner journey.

Visual System is a collective of multidisciplinary artists who since 2007 have been exploring the links between creative techniques and visual perception.

arty.farty.fun's opinion:
I felt like clubbing in the Atomium, with a David Guetta blaster of light, revisited by Dan Flavin . A remix of Stanley Kubrick space odyssey re-explained. A must if you want to get immersed in art and technology.

ID#2021 - Symbol ~ artview


arty-farty.fun's Etienne Verbist interviews one of the creators at Visual System, Valere Terrier. Etienne's 1 question art interview: "what is this magical mystery tour about?"

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intermezzo ~ will Etienne stumble & fall?

the monumental sculpture in the garden at the Brussels Design Museum, created by Guy Bauclair for the 10th anniversary of Trade Mart in 1985,

the plastic design collection
@ Design Museum Brussels

A permanent exhibition / collection of around 2000 plastic objects, from the most every day to unique items or original products to understand the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Of the entire collection, built since the 1980s by the Brussels collector Philippe Decelle, 500 objects are exhibited in the permanent exhibition rooms at Design Museum Brussels. To show this creative landscape more accurately, there are also loans from international or private collections as well as donations. Designed by architects as an extension of the permanent exhibition, the reserves are visible while obeying the strict conservation norms. Thus, the most curious may view the rest of the collection behind glass.

arty.farty.fun's opinion:
rediscover the golden age of plastic, with top plastic design of

our consumer society. nowerdays, we are confronted with the plastic soup in the oceans. lessons learned for sustainability.

chaise. stoel. chair. defining design.
26.03.2021 > 29.08.2021

The Chair. Stoel. Chair. Defining Design exhibition retraces the world of design from the end of the 19th century to the present day through this object - the chair - in constant redefinition, reaffirmation and hybridisation.

By utility, experimentation, irony, claim or by simple envy, the chair appears as one of the "unavoidables" of the path of many designers. As an everyday object, it materialises and sometimes questions the cultural, technical and historical background of society. Using a variety of materials and textures, the concept takes various forms: chaise longue, office chair, wheelchair, seat, bench, stool, pouffe or folding chair. Five routes explore the different themes of a design project. A subjective selection creates new and unique interactions and dialogues between 100 chairs from the collection of The Design Museum, London, the Design Museum Brussels and Collector Galila Barzilai Hollander, Passion Obsession Collection, P.O.C. (who quotes:  “ChairWoman” what else? "Worrying  like a rocking-chair gives you something to do ,but leads you nowhere", it isn’t much what is on the table that matters as what’s on the chairs."

arty.farty.fun's opinion:
I wonder what chairs think about all day , probably “oh here comes another asshole” Robin Williams

arty-farty.fun artview

Etienne Verbist's 1 question art interview with Arnaud Bozzini, Director Design Museum Brussels: " what is the relationship between art & design"

Arnaud, on the "chairs" exhibition: "through 3 collections, 100 chairs, 5 routes and a museum, this exhibition explores the evolution of the design world in the 20 and 21st century.