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La Hulpe, Belgium, 3 september 2020

tripping on art @ the Folon Foundation, La Hulpe

ville bleu, 1971

tripping on art in the Folon Foundation ~ @act1

  • In the 1960s, this Brussels artist, born in Uccle on 1 March 1934, produced his first drawings that propelled him to the forefront of the global art scene. Jean-Michel Folon worked on many materials and created in various forms including watercolour, painting, engraving, sculpture, tapestry, postage stamps and stage sets. What Folon proposes to the viewer of each of his works is to make a poetic inner journey, a spiritual journey. In the United States, renowned magazines such as Horizon, Esquire and The New Yorker would publish his drawings without even meeting him. In 1969, he held his first exhibitions in New York. Subsequently, Folon would exhibit his works all over the world, in the most prestigious museums, from the United States to France, Japan, Italy, Argentina and Great Britain. He illustrated the literary works of famous writers and poets such as Franz Kafka, Ray Bradbury, Boris Vian and Jacques Prévert, and created large-scale murals in cities including Milan, Rome and London. He would also make his talent available to the most important institutions. He is responsible for noteworthy illustrations such as the logo for the bicentenary of the French Revolution (1989) and the illustration of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for the United Nations (1988). On 27 October 2000, he created the Folon Foundation at the farm of the castle of La Hulpe, within the Solvay Estate, a park in Walloon Brabant where he spent his childhood. In September 2003, the Belgian artist was appointed Knight of the Legion of Honour by the French President, Jacques Chirac. He passed away from leukaemia on 20 October 2005.

  • Jean-Michel Folon wiki

  • Belgian artist Jean-Michel Folon installed over 500 art works in the Ferme du Château de La Hulpe, just 20 minutes outside Brussels. This charming, characterful building set in the midst of the wonderful Parc Solvay contains pieces spanning more than 40 years.

  • The novel, vivid design exhibiting watercolours, engravings, posters and sculptures generates a real dialogue between these pieces and their poetic setting. Music, film and optical illusions bring the tour to life, resulting in an exhibition that is powerful, magical and surprising.The Foundation presents a permanent exhibition of the works of Jean-Michel Folon in their diversity of themes and techniques. An original and interactive scenography designed by Folon himself leads the visitor on a poetic dreamlike journey into the artist’s universe, right to the heart of his creations. Optical effects, plays of light, music and films enliven your visit. In The Birth of an image Folon reveals the creation of a watercolour, in The Encounter you see a surreal meeting between Folon and Woody Allen in New York’s Central Park. Some of Folon’s animated films are on display in a room full of mirrors.

  • arty-farty.fun's opinion: ***
    just go, be amazed, get inspired by the soft activist Folon which messages are still actual. Better than expected. a full experience: the park, the building, the installation the poetry ... Folon's journey. missing part: The possibilities to use the latest multimedia tools, virtual and augmented reality.

tripping on art in the Folon Foundation ~ epilogue

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