[ Het Kunstuur #2 ]

Mechelen, 17 february 2021

act 1
het kunstuur 2

  • initiators: Hans & Joost BOURLON, Director: Frank VAN LAECKE - Music: Dirk BROSSE - Project coordination: Wouter Verhulst

  • the second exhibition of Het Kunstuur runs from 13 february to 30 september 2021.

  • Belgian pictorial art exhibited in an unusual way…

the Art Hour exhibits 32 masterpieces from the period 1887-1938.
it is a truly mesmerizing experience.
every painting includes a narration by a Flemish "celebrity".
This creates - together with the unique lighting and carefully composed music- an hour filled with enchanting art at a historic location
: the Chapel of the Holy Spirit, right across from the St. Rumbold’s tower.

  • arty-farty.fun's opinion: art in a dark room. you will never look at art as you did before.
    n terms of museum policy, private collectors Joost & Hans Bourlon simply embarrass a vast majority of museum directors and curators alike. in a year when digital art presentation plays a vital role in musea, art fairs and galleries, Hans and Joost offer a pragmatic, real world insight into how they overcame the challenges of looking at art, not by setting up just another digital "show" , but by creating a unique exhibition. in a perfect setting, the audience (6 max) is invited to look at one artwork at a time, guided by a hologram personality who recounts his or her personal connection with the painting, in a life-sized projection. every museum should apply this great concept: a permanent dark room which, on monthly basis, presents a freshly curated exhibition, covering their collection's masterpieces.

epilogue ~ check our webpage on 2019's HET KUNSTUUR #1