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6 august 2020

tripping on art @ Binche, Belgium

trippin' on art in Binche ~ world heritage ~ prologue ~ the city


trippin' on art in Binche ~ act1 ~ temporary exhibition

  • TICUNA ~ A people of the Amazon

  • until 30th august 2020

  • the Ticuna are an indigenous people of Brazil (36,000), Colombia (6,000), and Peru (7,000). They are the most numerous tribe in the Brazilian Amazon. wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ticuna

  • this exhibition is a true immersion in TICUNA mythology and presents not only the contextual aspects and the daily life of the tribe, but also the masked ritual of the Feast of the New Girl. one section of the exhibition is dedicated to the Ticuna’s struggle for the official demarcation of their territory in which Pedro Inácio was one of the iconic figures. his death in July 2018 prompted the museum to organize this exhibition in his honour.

  • EXPRESSING ONESELF: TICUNA ART. what can we learn from the Ticuna people: art is closely linked to the Ticuna's daily life. It is an important means of expression of their culture and allows them to affirm their singularity as well as their identity.

  • arty-farty.fun's opinion: *
    great to discover if you take the time to understand the planetary message of the Ticuna people, prior to the visit

Gilles' hat, made of expensive ostrich feathers

trippin' on art in Binche ~ act2 ~ permanent collection

  • Interpretation Centre on the Carnival of Binche

  • the Interpretation Centre differs from a conventional museum gallery as it invites you to discover the Carnival of Binche, its history, its actors, its customs and traditions. this tour displays the most beautiful pieces of the museum’s collection, shows archive images and testimonies never presented before, exclusive testimonials, photographs and documentary films.

  • arty-farty.fun's opinion: *****
    The Carnival of Binche is a living and exceptional heritage, a popular, human and social event. it has been recognized as a “Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO in 2003. this folkloric event, coming from a long oral tradition, is a real rite that gives the participants the feeling to be unique. for the inhabitants, and according to the famous quote, “there is no place like Binche in the world”.


trippin' on art in Binche ~ act3 ~ permanent collection

  • Masks from all over the world

  • the museum presents a "masks" journey across the five continents, from the European winter festivals to the enigmatic ceremonies of North America and Latin America, from the mysterious customs of Africa to the fascinating traditions of Asia and Oceania.

  • arty-farty.fun's opinion: ***
    tHERE IS NO nEED TO GO aROUND THE wORLD! (Etienne loves uppercase :-( discover superbe folklore and masked traditions from around the world


FEMMINILITÀ MASCHERATA. La mia femminilità è dimezzata con la maschera ? Per il momento sono protteta ! Mi basta. Comunque, indossare la maschera è sempre stato un sogno... di che cosa lamentarsi ?!

Argento e bronzo, zircono, cerapersa, maggio 2020. Dimensioni: 11 x7x 5 Peso: 82.89 gr

FÉMINITÉ MASQUÉE. Ma féminité est diminuée avec un masque ? Pour le moment, je suis protégée ! Cela me suffit. De toute façon, porter le masque a toujours été un rêve... de quoi se plaindre ?! Argent et bronze, zircon, cire perdue, mai 2020. Dimensions: 11 x 7 x 5

Poids :82.89 gr

trippin' on art in Binche ~ act4 ~ exhibition

  • Respiro prezioso [ precious breath ]

  • until 16/08/2020

  • This exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Accademia delle Arti Orafe of Rome and presents a number of drawings made by goldsmith design students during the lockdown period.

  • Deeply affected by the coronavirus pandemic, Italy was the first European country hit very hard by COVID-19. Homebound, the students of Barbara Brocchi, a famous goldsmith design teacher of the Accademia delle Arti Orafe of Rome set themselves the callenge to reinterpret the sanitary mask from an artistic point of view.

  • arty-farty.fun's opinion: *
    great idea but this exhibition is not implemented to its value in this location

Denis Lecompte (L) ~ restaurant@labinchoise.be & Etienne Verbist (R)

trippin' on art in Binche ~ epilogue

  • Brewery & Restaurant La Binchoise

  • a 2-min walk from the International Museum of Carnival and Mask

  • Fbg Saint-Paul 38, 7130 Binche

  • www.labinchoise.be

  • Located at the foot of the well-known ramparts of Binche, including a shaded patio in the green setting of the Parc de l’Académie.

  • La Binchoise Brewery-Restaurant is hosted in an authentic setting of an old malt house. they offer a typical Belgian menu and suggestions based on the chef’s inspiration.

  • the brewery produces around 8000 hectolitres per year, not only of its own brands of beer, but also of contract-brewed beers. more than ever, we wish to emphasize our authenticity, the Belgian craftsmanship, and the character of our beers. we assert our status as traditional brewers.

  • arty-farty.fun's opinion: ***
    great beer(s), charismatic owner , hugable clients. we do love the people of Binche , very open, very social having a couple of beers together. note: in Binche there are 45 bars (cafés) in Binche, much appreciated.