[ Het Kunstuur ]

Mechelen, 28 november 2019

Belgian painting brought in a special way ...

  • exposition 27/11/2019 ~ 30/09/2020

  • The Kunstuur exhibits 32 top works from the period 1887 - 1938. It is a very special experience. With every painting a story is told by a well-known or less well-known Fleming. Together with the unique lighting and adapted music by Dirk Brossé, this provides an hour of enchanting art in a historic location, the Holy Spirit Chapel, directly opposite the Sint-Romboutstoren in Mechelen.

  • A visit to Het Kunstuur takes exactly one hour. Up to 8 visitors can enjoy an intimate experience every 20 minutes.

  • The artworks are highlighted one by one. You can hear music and stories through headphones. The storytellers are well-known and less well-known Flemish people and are projected alongside the artwork. They talk about their relationship with the artwork or the artist.

  • This unique exhibition takes place in the Holy Spirit Chapel and the adjacent Holy Spirit House in Mechelen. This chapel dates from the end of the 13th century and has been protected as a monument since 1938. The chapel is opposite the Sint-Rombouts cathedral on the corner of the Minderbroedersgang.

  • The 32 top works of Belgian artists come from the period 1887-1938. More than two thirds of the paintings come from private ownership and have rarely been shown to the public. The other works are on loan from Belgian and French museums.

  • more info & tickets on https://visit.mechelen.be/het-kunstuur