[ Ostend art trip ]

17 september 2020

tripping on art in Ostend City

Amsterdamstraat, Ostend

tripping on art in Ostend, prologue ~ the city

Etienne's corona distance stick

tripping on art in Ostend, act 1 ~ the Mu.ZEE museum

Fifty years after the invention of animated film, I went looking for the mystery of hand-drawn moving images. It was nice to invent what already existed but searching for it cost me a lot of time!

Raoul Servais' first camera, 1946
Cigar box with Meccano pieces
Collectie Fonds Raoul Servais vzw

tripping on art in Ostend, act 2 ~ Raoul Servais wing @ Mu.ZEE

Léon Spilliaert

The artist presents self at the side of Emile Verhaeren and Edmond Denian, the head together as a like-minded to Thunder Movement in which Spilliaert emphasizes how important the two men have been for his development a young artist.

Portret van Emile Verhaeren, 1917 
Portrait of Emile Verhaeren

 Litho on Japanese paper

Léon Spilliaert

Zelfportret met dubbelportret van Emile Verhaeren en portret van Edmond Deman, 1908 

Dryptent paper

tripping on art in Ostend, act 3 ~ Ensor & Spilliaert wing @ Mu.ZEE

Jean Brusselmans Carnival, 1952

Oil on canvas

Carnival' was painted towards the end of Jean Brusselmans' artistic career. In this work, the artist leaves quiet patterns behind and breathes new life into the tightly defined forms that are characteristic of his earlier paintings. As always, Brusselmans was depicting his daily surroundings, although the tranquil people and objects now make way for an altogether more playful scene and jollier characters. He introduces thick layers of paint and dynamic figures that overlap one another. While the canvas bears witness to a certain exuberance that suits the carnival theme, this is also what makes it an atypical work in his oeuvre.

Coll. Mu.ZEE, acquired by the City of Ostend in 1980

tripping on art in Ostend, act 4 ~ the permanent collection @ Mu.ZEE


Etienne & IJslandvaarder toasten met 'n Rodenbach.

tripping on art in Ostend, entracte ~ lunch @ brasserie Rubens

45' Causerie ten huize van Herr Seele

tripping on art in Ostend, epilogue  ~ causerie with the king of Ostend ~ Herr Seele