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Rotterdam, 5 february 2020

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Roos Schneijderberg ~ GALLERY OF DECORATION www.G-O-D.com

Gallery Of Decoration ~ Roos Schneijderberg

Roos Schneijderberg ~ GALLERY OF DECORATION www.G-O-D.com
  • Roos Schneijderberg (1977) is founder of GALLERY OF DECORATION.

  • She studied Economic Psychology at the Erasmus University Rotterdam The Netherlands.

  • In her artwork, her knowledge regarding information processing and decision making, can be found like the usage of cues, associations and subliminal processing. Not like the traditional route of going to an art academy, her work and art philosophy is based and formed through the academic studies she did, her business career and her personal fascinations and quests.

  • Beside the stylistic dimension the more deeper messages in her work are formed by her many years of intensive meditation and a personal interest in philosophy. This altogether forms a mix of fashion, interior and conceptual art with a deeper meaning and a call for fearless creation.

  • Her work is not limited to one specific discipline. She makes the large linen canvases and photos with acrylic herself. For all other creations, the right people are sought to work with to realize her designs. Followed by an intensive and critical process of cooperation that can take months.

  • If there is one major theme or message that she wants to bring into the world with her work, it’s that she wants to take people beyond their fixed ego / framework thinking to another place, what she calls “the open space".