~ wtripping on art

whenever the collective (*) undertakes an art trip, it serves one goal: have pre-apocalyptic fun [ in interviewing ~ writing articles ~ photoshooting ~ enjoying Burgundian debriefing meals ~ staying in arty hotels ] which results in publishing reviews [ on this website and on our Instagram channel artyfartyfun ] on the visited musea ~ exhibitions ~ art fairs ~ private collections ~ opinion makers ~ restaurants ~ hotels]

In the "Archive" section we present you, an art afficionado, a webpage and Google Album per undertaken art trip. we like to think that our travelogue will help you decide to visit that event / venue / city, regret not having visited it, or be glad you didn't.

(*) Oxford dictionary on arty-farty:
trying too hard to make other people admire your artistic knowledge or ability"

[ tripping on art midweek trip @ London City ]

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